Janus Technologies: The Hardware-Defined Security Perimeter Company

Who we are

Janus Technologies is proud to introduce the Janus Enterprise Security Solution, based on our new and innovative architecture: the "Hardware-Defined Security Perimeter." This architecture provides a new hardware platform for securing and managing computing endpoints. Underpinning this architecture is the Security Processor Unit (SPU™)

What we do

  • Secure Computing Platform
  • Endpoint Security
  • Hardware-Defined Security Perimeter
  • IDS - Intrusion Detection
  • IPS - Intrusion Protection
  • Visibility of Computing System
  • Continuous Endpoint Monitoring
  • Forensics
  • Compliance
  • Remote Management

How can Janus Endpoint Security benefit my organization?

Personal computers are being used for work-related computing, but personal computers were not designed with security as a primary factor and have proven to be ineffective at stopping cyber attacks. Enterprise-class computers built with security as their primary focus is the way to secure the organization.

Janus Secure Computers are engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed the specific security needs of today’s enterprises, governments, and organizations.

The Janus Secure Computing Platform is an enterprise-class solution built for business, government, banking and other professional organizations, manufacturing and critical infrastructure.

The Janus Secure Computing Platform helps protect enterprises from both insider and outsider threats to sensitive data, and monitor user activity on all computers inside the organization. The solution provides IT administrators with the tools and infrastructure to monitor user activity, encrypt data, analyze network activity, and discover patterns and unusual activity.