Use Cases

Work At Home

Perhaps the most consequential use of the Janus SPU is that it enables a secure work-at-home model. Obviously the device ensures that enterprise data is not misused by employees (wherever they may be) and allows the enterprise to be sure that work is being done.
Studies show that workers at home (in creative jobs) actually work many more hours, and more productively, than those commuting to work.

For a number of professions where individual talent matters —e.g. law, banking, insurance, information technology—working from home is a perk enabled by the internet age. It is now feasible to provide via the internet nearly all applications needed by an employee in a place of business. While there may always be a need for personal contact, teleconferencing occurs today even among participants inside the same building.
Employees working from home
gain the following advantages:
  • Opportunity to work when productive rather than by set schedule
  • No need to commute saving time and expense
  • Increased ability to focus on family (a significant issue for countries with declining birth rates)
  • Ability to work when cultural norms otherwise interfere (an issue for the KSA where educated females are difficult to employ)
  • No need to relocate to meet job requirements
Employers whose employees work from home
gain the following advantages:
  • Reduced cost of commercial space
  • Less stress on commuting employees
  • The ability to hire talent without the need or cost of relocation
  • Improved retention as employees have less exposure to rivals, and for a while at least, no rival can offer these perks without the need for relocation
  • Increased productivity from certain classes of employees
No one is able to predict the consequence of this innovation, but we can anticipate significant changes in commercial real estate markets, the expansion of fiber as upload speeds become important, and the renewed need for home offices and that effect on apartment/condo/home design and sales. Cultural changes (females able to work in certain cultures, more children, less commuting reducing energy costs as well as road/rail congestion and wear) are harder to predict but are attractive to certain customers.


The enterprise calls for sophisticated, manageable and flexible data security solutions.

Janus Technologies provides a set of solutions to address enterprise security in a deep, consistent, sophisticated, yet uncomplicated way.

Making its way into the hardware on the access platforms, Janus’ security is able to get to the source and often prevent the security breach from happening.


Data security is paramount in the medical and healthcare fields. HIPPA requires it, and patients demand it. Recent security breaches including Anthem and others have emphasized the need for better data security in this field.

The Janus Technologies Solution can help keep patients Personal Identifiable Information private and secure.

The proliferation of computer-based medical devices and sensors makes the jobs of doctors and healthcare professionals so much easier, but securing those machines is a difficult task.

Janus Technologies Secure Gateway provides a drop-in solution for existing networks, enabling fine control over the data going in and out.

The Janus Secure Motherboard and Janus Security Processor Unit solutions provide the next step security solution for the medical device manufacturers.



The cost of having commercial equipment suffer outage or malicious misconfiguration is huge resulting in lost profits and seriously disrupting the operations. By employing the Janus Security solution, the equipment operator can have tight control over their equipment and control workstations, preventing unauthorized access and detecting leaks and intrusions early.

Critical Infrastructure

Janus Technologies provides secure computing solutions for enterprises and organizations in the category of Critical Infrastructure, such as energy and utilities, government and defense, banking and finance, design and manufacturing, healthcare and emergency services, and many other sectors.