Security Processor Unit – SPU™

A Breakthrough In Secure Computing and Endpoint Security.
Protection From Viruses, Hackers and Intellectual Property Theft.

The SPU™ does for security what the GPU does for graphics. Security services run inside the SPU without affecting the computer’s performance. Three-fold Endpoint Security Solution.


  • Secure VPN Connection
  • Data Encryption


  • Manage remotely
  • Monitor employee use


  • Forensic analysis tools
  • Re-image the system

The heart of the Janus Technologies Secure Computing Solution is a patented embedded chip called the Security Processor Unit (SPU™), a dedicated specialized circuit responsible for providing security services in a computing devices., in the same way a computer’s GPU is responsible for graphics.

The SPU is attached to the motherboard and is tamper-resistant.

In a Janus Enterprise Computer, the SPU provides a series of trusted services, starting with the boot process and then monitors and filters all information transiting peripheral devices.

The SPU™ is responsible for protecting against outside threats. The SPU™ acts as a gatekeeper, scanning data coming in from peripheral devices, and encrypting data going out.

  • SATA drive
  • Network (LAN)
  • Headphones / Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Desktop monitor
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Printers and scanners
  • USB mass storage device
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