Janus Secure Computing Platform

A Comprehensive, Hardware-Based Approach To Enterprise Security

Protecting sensitive data is becoming more difficult every day. Threats can come from outside the organization (cyber criminals), or from inside the organization (employee theft, employees inadvertently download malware). Enterprises today need the ability to prevent attacks, monitor user activity, encrypt data, analyze network activity, and discover patterns and unusual activity.

The Janus Secure Computing Platform is an enterprise-class solution built for business, government, banking and other professional organizations.

The Janus Secure Computing Platform helps protect enterprises from both insider and outsider threats to sensitive data, and monitor user activity on all computers inside the organization.

The Janus Secure Computing Platform consists of the Janus Secure Computer and the Janus Management System. The solution provides IT administrators with the tools and infrastructure to prevent attacks, monitor user activity, encrypt data, analyze network activity, and discover patterns and unusual activity.

When the enterprise or a workgroup within the enterprise is equipped with Janus Secure Computers, outsider attacks are minimized, and Many insider attacks can be prevented; others will be discovered, monitored and responded to in a new way.

Janus Secure Computer

Introducing the Hardware-Defined Security Perimeter: A Better Way To Secure The Endpoints

Today’s software-based security perimeter is not strong enough. Cyber criminals are penetrating corporate network perimeters every day. The Janus Secure Computer offers a stronger solution to enterprise security, by creating a hardware-defined security perimeter inside each endpoint, securing the endpoints from the inside out.

The Janus Secure Computer is the first product to utilize the Hardware-Defined Security Perimeter architecture. This architecture is designed to prevent hackers and malware from getting in, and to prevent sensitive data and intellectual property from getting out.

The hardware-defined security perimeter architecture is enabled by the Janus Security Processor Unit, or SPU™, which acts as a gatekeeper, and secures every single input-output interface. Every bit of information passing in and out of the computer is processed by the SPU. The SPU isolates, monitors, records, firewalls and encrypts every I/O interface: HDMI, USB, Networking, Audio, and SATA.

The SPU enables network firewalling, VPN, USB encryption and gatekeeping, storage encryption and virus search, display watermarking and display recording. The SPU serves as a root of trust for a secure computer boot, BIOS authentication and upgrade, networking services (DNS) and Certificate Authority.

Data processing in the SPU is transparent to a host processor (e.g. Intel i5 or i7); there is no need to install additional software or drivers. Data processing in the SPU does not impact the computer’s performance, and in some cases the computer’s performance improves, because of offloading some CPU-intensive tasks to hardware accelerators of the SPU.

All data passes through the SPU and is then routed to the Janus Management System where it is stored and processed for further analysis.

The Janus Secure Computer is available as a stand-alone computer or as a group of Janus Secure Computers managed by the Janus Management System.

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Janus Management System

Advanced User Activity Monitoring and Forensic Analysis Tools

Enterprises need to be able to monitor user activity on each endpoint. What keys are being typed, what is being clicked, who is using the computer at what time, and what are they talking about while using that computer? Are they transferring files to a USB stick or external hard drive? Are employees stealing sensitive company data? Have they installed malware intentionally or unintentionally? Are large packages of data being transferred over the network?

In order to answer all the questions listed above, a multitude of software products are needed. The Janus Secure Computing Platform functions as a whole solution that is fully integrated, eliminating the need to piece together a patchwork solution from several pieces of software from different vendors.

The Janus Management System provides IT administrators with the tools and infrastructure to deploy, integrate, and manage the new Janus Secure Computers. The Janus Management System manages, provisions, configures and monitors multiple Janus Secure Computers, with policy-based group management and operation scheduling. It is an essential component for large system deployments.

The Janus Management System can establish a baseline of user, network, and device activity. Activity anomalies will trigger notifications to administrators, assisting in the detection and mitigation of potential threats.

The Janus Management System features a robust user activity monitoring tool that is user-friendly and puts all of this information in an easy-to-navigate visual form that can be watched in real-time or searched later.

The Janus Management System records all user and device activity from each Janus Secure Computer. This includes: keyboard strokes; mouse movements; USB activity, display video, storage, network activity, and video surveillance of the user in front of the computer. This information is recorded in real-time and is visually rendered into our “Non-Linear Inspection Viewer”, a multi-pane, simultaneous depiction of all SPU-processed data mentioned above. The administrator can see exactly what the computer user was doing at any given time, what websites he viewed, and whether or not he was trying to transfer data out of the system.

The Janus Management System allows administrators to view all user activity either in real time, or at a later date. This capability provides accountability, accelerates forensic analysis for accidents/incidents, and documents activity for regulatory compliance. This tool can also improve employee productivity, by ensuring that employees focus on work-related functions while at a Janus Secure Computer.

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Integration & Customization

The Janus Secure Computer and Janus Management System are fully integrated to form the Janus Secure Computing Platform, which is versatile, and can be purchased pre-built, or can be custom-built with desktop computers, laptop computers, industrial machinery controllers, or other devices to suit your organization’s needs.

The Janus Secure Computing Platform is protected by 8 granted and published patents, and an additional 6 patents pending. The solution is now available for customers to evaluate and purchase. Contact us to request a quote.

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